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Tep Apsar Dance

Instructor: Sam Thom and Sharlie Sun
Dancer: Sothea, Morgan, Khloe, Kaliyani, Sierra, Navi, Kaylene

This dance portrays a tale about Princess Mera and her celestial maidens who traveled from heaven to offer everyone their sincere blessing of happiness, good health, longevity, prosperity, and success. It also depicts Mera enjoying her flower garden with her maidens, where she also offered to share the beauty and fragrance with anyone who wished for it.

Pestle Dance

Instructor: Ethan Hang & Megan Peav
Dancer: Lelyon, Lekhana, Chanavy, Allison, Megan, Ethan, Sam, Yaya, Elder Far, Elder Pen, Elder Bowers, Elder Johnson

This dance is a celebratory dance, usually performed during the end of the harvest season, which aligns with Cambodian New Year. In Cambodia, the pestles are used as an old-fashioned traditional way of milling rice patties, but in the dance, two people would pound the pestle or stick, alternately in a constant rhythm, an action that provides the basis for the dance. The dancers clapped their hands along with the beat of the stick. This is a very fun dance, so feel free to clap along! Jay and his wife Becky are parents of four children and live in Fairfield, California.

Flower Dance

Instructor: Sophany Hang
Dancer:Elise, Jade, Madison, Kaiya, Sabrina, Solita, Kyomi, Major

This dance is one of the classical dances performed by primary age girls. The dance teaches the children that everyone likes flowers. Flowers can be used for decorations and it has a good scent. This dance was created to inspire young children to love Cambodian tradition. This dance cheerfully expresses the joy of primary age children and their appreciation toward the flowers and nature of Earth.

Butterfly Dance

Instructor: Neary Neou
Dancer: Nolan, Chloe, Sabrina, Abigail, Joshua, Easton, Logan, Waylan

Our primary age children will be performing the Butterfly Dance. The Butterfly Dance illustrates a story of bug busters working diligently to maintain the garden and keeping unwanted bugs away. At the same time, a group of young female butterflies is flying, singing, and looking for pollen to extract from. To their surprise, the bug busters quietly catch the butterflies. They try to convince the bug busters to release them by claiming they were just beautifying the garden.

Cambodian Traditional Attire

Coordinator: Neary Hang

1. Angkor Era Attire (Modeled by Sonita and Chamnan)
2. Lungvek Era (Modeled by Pich and Poamrong)
3. Cambodian Tribal Attire (Modeled by Navi and Aaden)
4. Farmer Attire (Modeled by Joe and Lucy)
5. Swimming Attire(Modeled by Elizabeth and Bridger)
6. Temple Attire(Modeled by Macy and Sopheap)
7. Wedding Attire(Modeled by Sanny and Ethan)

The Love Moon Dance

Instructor: Brigette Hang
Dancer: Victoria, Tia, Kaylanah, Jayda, December, Julina, Makayla.

The Love Moon Dance is a traditional dance about an expression of a man expressing his love for a woman and comparing it to the lovely moon. The moonlight has cooling effects at night. The moon provides peace, hope, and helps relieve us from our daily stress. Everyone appreciates the moon.

The Traditional 7 Colors of the Week

Coordinator: Neary Hang

1. Sunday-Red(Modeled by Brigette Hang)
2. Monday–Orange (Modeled by Allision Pal)
3. Tuesday–Purple (Modeled by Chanavy Mey)
4. Wednesday–Green(Modeled by Lelyon Mey).
5. Thursday– Mustard Green(Modeled by Elizabeth Mey)
6. Friday–Blue(Modeled by Megan Peav) .
7. Saturday–Dark Purple(Modeled by Lekhana Donnies)

Kolap Phnom Penh or Rose of Phnom Penh Dance

Instructor: Aly Sok
Dancer: Yazlyn, Brianna, Evelyn, Elliana, Rachany, Lailani, Selina, Samantha

This dance is about young love in Phnom Penh. The woman spoke of how the love was as sweet as a rose, however, they were forced to part ways. Through dance, she expresses how his scent still lingers in the wind and how much they have loved each other. She hoped that one day she would find love again and never have to part with him.

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