Visit the Oakland Temple

Experience a wonderful moment of peace and reflection at the Oakland Temple. Enjoy the fountains, the beautiful flowers, and take in a stunning sunset. Come visit and bring your family and friends.

Days of Christmas

Celebrate the Days of Christmas on Temple Hill

We have an amazing line up of shows and performances that are sure to lift your spirit. From the popular Scrooge! The Musical to the Nutcracker Ballet, there are lots of events for everyone to enjoy.

Events at Temple Hill


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Faith Over Fear

The Rare Spiritual Opportunities Uncertain Times Offer Us

 I am an overly anxious person—someone who lies awake at night replaying minor awkward encounters from each day and worrying incessantly about things that “might” happen.

So you can imagine what the past few weeks of press conferences declaring states of emergency, announcements of temple closures and canceled church meetings, and the thousands of panic-driven shoppers have done to my nerves.

Oakland Temple

The Oakland Temple is the 15th constructed and 13th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It stands prominently on top of Temple Hill and shines brightly upon the whole face of Oakland. The Oakland Temple is considered a beacon of hope to the whole Bay Area.

Visitors from all over the world come to this sacred site for its beauty and religious significance. Members of the Church gather inside the temple for sacred religious ceremonies that bring them closer to God, while tourists come to view the temple grounds and enjoy the Visitors’ Center. There is something for everyone at the Oakland Temple.