Take a Virtual Tour

Take a guided tour of Oakland Temple Hill with one of our friendly volunteers. On the tour, you’ll be guided through interactive displays, get an inside look at the history of the Oakland Temple, and have an amazing experience with Thorvaldsen’s Christus.

Tours available in 6 languages.

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Physical tours are temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19. However, you can schedule a virtual tour. The temple grounds are currently open, but the visitor center will remain closed to the public.

What To Expect

When you join the Temple Hill Virtual Tour, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly volunteers. From there, you’ll start your tour. Make sure to mention anything that you’re interested in seeing or questions that you have. Our volunteers are friendly and helpful.

After you’ve met the volunteers that will take you on your tour, they’ll get you started to see the things you’re interested in.

Jesus Christ

Through beautiful pictures and powerful videos, we will explain who Christ is and what He did for us. This tour also includes the Christus, or a statue of Christ, where we will hear His powerful words. We will explain how everyone can access the peace and happiness that He offers to us all.

Book of Mormon

What is the Book of Mormon? Why should I read it? Using videos and visual aids, we will show how others have received their own witness of the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Using interactive exhibits, we discuss how we can know for ourselves that the Book of Mormon is true, and how it will change your life.


Temples can bring families together. Learn the history of temples, including three unique models of temples in ancient and model times. Using pictures of the Oakland Temple, we will also discuss some of the different rooms of the temple and what the temple is used for on the inside. Finally, we will discuss its relevance to you and your family, and how temples bring hope and peace because of Jesus Christ.

God’s Plan

Even through the storms of life, we can find peace and hope in the plan that God has for our family. Using videos, this tour follows the life of a family who came closer together and found happiness because of their knowledge that they can be together forever. God’s plan applies to everyone, and will absolutely bring joy and happiness to yours.

Oakland Temple Grounds

By taking a stroll among the beautiful gardens of temple hill, our outside tour will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the history of the Oakland Temple and those who made it possible. You will be able to learn the meaning behind the many aspects of the grounds that leave people feeling the peace and love that comes from Christ.

Visitors’ Center Virtual Tours

4766 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 328-0044

Monday – Sunday: See dates and times when you register for your virtual tour.

Free Parking. Free WiFi.

Clean Restrooms and Water Fountains

(Indoor facilities currently not available due to COVID19)