This Christmas season help us light the bay and the world with love as we welcome the Giving Machines to Oakland. The Giving Machines will be at Temple Hill from November 23 – January 3, in front of the auditorium. Giving back to the community has never been so simple, it is as easy as buying a candy bar from a vending machine.

How It Works

Giving Machine Icon

Choose a machine

Each machine offers an identical selection of items representing global and local organizations that do good.

Items Icon

Make your selection

You may add several items you’d like to donate using the touch screen “shopping cart,” up to a total of $1,500.

Credit Card Icon

Swipe your card

Each machine accepts credit cards and mobile payments. Sorry, no cash or credit card chips.

Receipt Icon

Collect your receipt

Enter a phone number or email address to receive a digital receipt. 100% of your donation will go to the applicable charity.


The Giving Machines are located at Oakland Temple Hill in front of Temple Hill Auditorium, just across from the Visitors’ Center. Parking is free. Click here for directions.

Meet the Charities

George Mark
Tri Valley
CWS (1)

About the Giving Machine

The Giving Machines provide a way for people to quickly and easily help those in need and make the Christmas season a little more meaningful for themselves—and countless others.

Imagine swiping your credit card at a vending machine—but instead of buying a candy bar for yourself, you’re buying a chicken for a family in a third-world country. Or pajamas for a child in the Bay Area. Or a meal for a family in need. Or 100 meals for your local food bank. With the #LightTheWorld Giving Machines, that’s exactly what happens.

This year we invite you to let your light—and His light—shine brightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Light the World Giving Machines?

Vending machines where donating to a charity of your choice is as easy as buying a candy bar.

How do they work?

Insert a credit or debit card and select one or more items from the vending machine. A Styrofoam card with a photo of the item you have purchased will drop to the bottom of the machine, signifying the purchase you have made.

How can I pay?

The Giving Machines accept all major U.S. credit cards and debit cards – just like a regular vending machine. However, it does not accept cash.

Where are the machines?

The Giving Machines are located at Oakland Temple Hill in front of Temple Hill Auditorium, just across from the Visitors’ Center. Parking is free.

When are they open?

The machines are open 9:00am – 9:00pm, from November 23 – January 3.

Can I make a purchase on behalf of someone else? How can I notify the recipient an item has been purchased on his or her behalf?

When you’re looking for the just-right gift for someone who has everything, why not consider buying something for someone who needs everything? For a single purchase over $25, show your electronic receipt to a volunteer at the Giving Machines to get a Light the World card so you can notify your recipient of the gift you purchased in his/her name.

What charities can I donate to at the Giving Machines?

Choose from 3 local charities and 3 global charities:

Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program – Provide food, household furnishings, care and compassion to those in need in Emeryville, California and the surrounding Bay Area communities.

George Mark Children’s House – Life-affirming care and comfort for children and their families.

Tri-Valley Haven – A vital community organization that serves adults and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or homelessness.

WaterAid – Transforming lives by improving access to clean water, hygiene and sanitation in the world’s poorest communities.

CWS Global – Feeding the hungry and assisting the vulnerable around the world.

UNICEF – Saving and protecting the world’s most vulnerable children.

What can I give?

You can select from different items ranging from pajamas for children in need to a meal for a family to two hens and a rooster for a family in a developing country. Click here to see the options each charity selected, based on the high-priority needs they have identified for the populations they serve.

How much can I donate?

Items in the Oakland Giving Machines range from $5 to $300.

Why donate at a Giving Machine instead of some other way?

At a Light the World Giving Machine, all of your donation – 100% – reaches the people served. Overhead costs for the machines, credit card fees, and the administrative fees for the designated charity are covered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

You and your family and friends get to actually see and choose what to give.
Take a selfie while you’re there and share it with your friends and family as you help #LightTheWorld!

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Donations are eligible for tax deductions. Electronic receipts will be available by text or email.

Global Donation Total 2019

Over a span of 54 days, people generously supported 45 different charities and 228 unique items and services through Giving Machines in 2019. Here is a small snap shot of the impact of these donations.







Clothing Items


School Supplies