November 24 – December 31
Everyday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
4770 Lincoln Avenue, Oakland, CA

Come and enjoy peace and beauty this Christmas season at Temple Hill!

Experience festive Christmas lights and holiday spirit at one of the many performances.

Most “Days of Christmas” activities are free of charge. All are open to the public and family-friendly. Please select 这里 to see a printable list of events for Days of Christmas at Temple Hill.

Click below to learn more about the Christmas events happening at Temple Hill and reserve tickets today!


Come and see the Christmas lights display at Temple Hill! Enjoy stunning views from the rooftop gardens and feel the spirit of Christmas as you walk the grounds. The lights come on at dusk and stay on until 9:00 PM, beginning November 24th and continuing through December 31st.


= Tickets required. Most of the events are free of charge.

Click on an event for more details and to reserve tickets.

Please select 这里 to see a printable list of events for Days of Christmas at Temple Hill.

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在访客中心通过私人的圣殿山耶稣降生之导览来庆祝原始的圣诞故事。 我们邀请您在被带领参观描绘鼓舞人心的,基督诞生和祂早期生活的艺术作品时探索圣诞节的含义。导览是免费的,可以在访客中心预订。


在圣殿山广场上参加一个令人叹为观止的免费个性化导览。 从空中花园上体验圣诞彩灯并拍摄节日中最美的照片。免费导览开放时间:黄昏至晚上8:30,可在访客中心安排。


星期一:下午 6:00 – 晚上 9:00
周二至周日:上午 9:00 至晚上 9:00




您喜欢在 Temple Hill 的体验吗?

Days of Christmas FAQs

Are the Christmas events free?

All of the Christmas events held at Temple Hill are free of charge. Most of the Auditorium performances require you to reserve free tickets in advance. Check out the event page for more information about each individual event and whether a ticket is required. Ticket holders are asked to be in their seats no later than 15 minutes prior to the performance. After this time, the standby line will be admitted to fill in any remaining seats.

Do I need a ticket and is there standby seating?

Some of the events require a ticket to get in (check each individual event listing). If there is a ticket required we recommend that you make advanced ticket reservations to assure you have seats. However, if you do not have a ticket, arrive early and get in the standby line to the left of the main entrance. Ticket holders will be admitted first. They are asked to be in their seats 15 min prior to the performance. About 10-15 minutes before showtime, tickets expire, allowing those in the standby line to be seated in any remaining seats.

I am not a member of your Church. Can I still come?

Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to attend our events and our worship services. We only request that all attendees dress modestly, use clean language, and treat everyone with respect. We are Christians who do our best to follow the commandments and teachings of Christ. Whatever your background, you’re invited to join us!


The dress depends on the type of event. Business casual is a good rule of thumb for Auditorium events. You’re welcome to wear any modest clothes that you feel comfortable in. For Devotionals and Sunday worship services, most men wear suits, sport coats, or shirts and ties, and women wear dresses or skirts. Children also typically dress up.


All of the Days of Christmas events are family friendly and children are welcome! However, out of respect for the performers and other audience members, we suggest that the children in attendance be old enough to remain seated and attentive throughout the performance and that any disruptive children be calmed in the lobby.

How can I get updates on the Days of Christmas events?

Ticket holders for a particular event will automatically receive important email updates regarding that event and you can find other helpful information on the individual event listings on We also recommend following Oakland Temple Hill on Instagram (link) and Facebook (link) for general Christmas updates and helpful tips and reminders on upcoming events, parking, dress, etc. We also invite you to subscribe to our website to stay updated on everything happening at Oakland Temple Hill.


订阅 Temple Hill Communications




The house doors usually open about 30 minutes prior to performances, (sometimes earlier), but the line to enter for large events will begin earlier than that. We recommend arriving early enough to enjoy a free Temple Hill Christmas tour before getting in line. You can schedule that on

What if I can’t attend? Can I cancel my tickets?

You may update or cancel any free tickets through Eventbrite. We appreciate you doing this if you can’t attend so that we have a more accurate count of attendees.

Can I take pictures or videos?

It depends on the event, so check individual event listings, and listen for any announcements made prior to the performance. Visitors are always encouraged to take pictures and videos before and after the performance, or outside on the temple grounds. We’d love to see your pictures! Make sure to follow TAG us @oaklandtemplehill, #oaklandtemplehill.

What ADA accommodations are available at Temple Hill?

Temple Hill is committed to accommodating the needs of all guests with disabilities. ADA seating is available and our ushers will be happy to assist you when you arrive for the performance. ADA guests will be admitted first, so we recommend arriving early and coming to the front of the line. If you plan to bring a group of hearing impaired individuals, along with an ASL translator, please reach out well in advance so we can help make those arrangements prior to your arrival. Send us a message through

Accessible Parking and Entrances: Temple Hill has a limited number of ADA parking stalls available in the main lot on a first-come, first-served basis. Guests with special needs can also be dropped off close to the entrance if so desired. Just ask for directions when entering the parking lot. The main entrance into Temple Hill Auditorium is wheelchair accessible. The Visitors’ Center and Chapel entrances are also ADA friendly. Certified service animals are permitted.


Need a map?


The best way to ask a question is to send us a message through, or through Oakland Temple Hill on Facebook or Instagram.


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