27th Annual Cambodian New Year Celebration on Temple Hill

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27th Annual Cambodian New Year Celebration on Temple Hill

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Although tickets to the Cambodian New Year Celebration are “sold out,” meaning all available seats have been reserved, there will be standby seating available, and historically, we have never turned away anyone in the standby line. Tickets will expire 10 minutes before the performance, and the standby line will be admitted to fill any empty seats. So if you missed getting tickets, just arrive early and get in the standby line at the front entrance to the auditorium. Chances are high that you will be seated. Ticket holders please be in your seats by 4:50 PM.

You and your family are invited to join the 27th Annual Cambodian New Year Celebration on Temple Hill on Saturday, March 25th at 5 PM. This is a family event and is open to the public. The program features cultural performances in the auditorium by the Khmer Angkor Dance Troupe, Morodok Khmer Performing Arts Stockton, Khmer Youth of Modesto, and more! Following the performances, there will be a potluck dinner, a cultural game demonstration, traditional costume and artifacts exhibits, raffle giveaway, and live band music entertainment and dancing social in the large cultural hall, directly behind the auditorium stage. Please let us know you’re coming by reserving your free, online tickets.

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Marso 25
5:00 hapon - 9:30 hapon PDT
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Cambodian Branch, Walnut Creek Stake


Temple Hill Auditorium
4780 Lincoln Ave
Oakland, CA 94602 Estados Unidos
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(510) 531-1475