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Tapestry: Weaving the Community of Dance

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Event Program

Tapestry: Weaving the Community of Dance provides participants with the opportunity to share performance space in a friendly and supportive environment. This annual concert features professional dance companies, student dance companies and youth groups. All participants generously donate their performance.

Kang Ding Love Song

American Art Institute San Francisco (AAISFUS)

Choreographers: Rearranged by Ivy Chen
Music: ‘Kang Ding Love Song’ – Music by Jiang Dingxian (3:20)
Dancers: Theresa Chao, Kris Foo, Delice Jeong, Phyllis Mok, Sandy Wong

Synopsis: “Kang Ding Love Song” is inspired by local folks in Sichuan Province, located in the south-eastern part of China. A mountainous region settled by an ethnic minority group at the foothill. People who live there are known for their dedicated faith, dignity, virtue, and strong respect for nature.

Abide with Me (2021)

Anastasis Ballet Company

Choreographers: Denai Lovrien
Music: Abide with Me – Sara Groves (3:32)
Dancers: Marissa Castro, Kaitlyn Merrill, Grace Petron

Synopsis: Abide with me was choreographed by Denai Lovrien and set on Anastasis ballet company in 2021. This piece explores our need for the Lord to abide within us and to see us through the storms of life.

Swing Fever

Swing Kids

Choreographers: Rusty Frank, Sonya Shaposhnikova
Music: SwingFever – Billy Elliot Swing Orchestra (2:50)
Dancers: Camille Bae, Olivia Becketti, Elizabeth Cachero, Ginger Dreicer, Arcata Griffin, Felicia Ng, Sonya Shaposhnikova

Synopsis: Tap dance to swing music.

Salvage (2022)

Diablo Valley College

Choreographers: Jillian Garibaldi
Music: Crystal Peak; Reflection; Resting Grounds – Christopher Larkin (8:58)
Dancers: Chelsea Chan, Taylor Flores, Noelle Smith, Brianna Woodcock, Kacie Young

Synopsis: DVC Dance presents a piece about saving what you can from a negative situation and learning to let go of what you no longer need.

Music Box Memories (2022)

Danspace Repertory Ensemble

Choreographers: Kimberly B Valmore
Music: Once Upon a December – Emile Pandolfi (4:11)
Dancers: Fiona Kovisto, Samie Shayne, Whitney Borovika, Ava Meyers

Synopsis: Lyrical ballet.

You’re Amazing (2022)

Destined 2 Dance

Choreographers: T’Yona Burton
Music: You’re Amazing – Aliya Hall (4:04)
Dancers: T’Yona Burton, Adriane Primas, Candice Schneider, Latisha Bowen

Synopsis: This dance moved with strength and powerful, sharp gestures to give a visual idea of God’s strength and might. This is a worship dance that shows adoration and appreciation for the awesomeness of the great God we serve.

Play Piano Play

Swing Kids

Choreographers: Miriam Nelson
Music: Play Piano Play – Erroll Garner (2:23)
Dancers: Olivia Becketti, Sonya Shaposhnikova

Synopsis: Tap dance.

In Jesus Name (2022)

Anastasis Ballet Company

Choreographers: Rachel Roepke
Music: In Jesus Name – Katy Nicole (3:42)
Dancers: Marissa Castro, Kaitlyn Merrill, Grace Petron, Rachel Roepke

Synopsis: In Jesus Name was choreographed by Rachel Roepke in 2022 as a part of Anastasis Ballet Company’s newest ballet Into Light which explores 5 different choreographers’ experiences with difficult times in their lives.

I am Woman (2022)

Dance-A-Vision Entertainment/School of Dance

Choreographers: Carla Service, Brea Walker, Ashli Fisher
Music: Just Fine – Mary J. Blige (4:00)
Dancers: Carla Service, Ashli Fisher

Synopsis: This performance is to remind women how awesome they are, and to remember to LOVE themselves.

Amazing Grace (To Grandma with Love)

Open City Dance

Choreographers: Denai Lovrien
Music: ‘Amazing Grace’ sung by Shana Tucker (3:30)
Dancers: Amber Gee, Karina Gillette, Denai Lovrien

Synopsis: This dance is dedicated to my grandma and my mom. My grandmother passed away to the melody of this song and my mother sang it to her while standing by her bedside. My grandma embodied grace in beautiful and amazing ways and my mom continues to do so.

Behold Dance Collective

Behold Dance Collective is a non-profit organization dedicated to the production of inspirational dance art for the Bay Area community.

Donating to Behold Dance Collective helps us continue providing free dance concerts, filled with your favorite performers, to the Bay Area community.

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Special Thanks

Many thanks to Harold Waters, Dan Ellefsen, John Fuller and the rest of Temple Hill Technical Crew; Behold Dance Collective at Temple Hill Board and friends, especially KT Mower, Mitch Millar, Vicki Millar, Weston Koberstein and Ada Koberstein; Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Temple Hill Communication Council; Tapestry participants and our many volunteers.